Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cycling Shoes Maintenance Tips from Pedal Power Bicycles

Want Your Cycling Shoes To Last 5 Years Or More?

Follow these 4 easy tips

For example, you must replace running shoes every six months (or sooner) because the materials inside the soles lose their ability to provide cushioning. Also, regular sneakers are in constant contact with the ground and the soles and uppers wear rapidly. 

Contrarily, if cared for, a quality pair of pedal pushers could last five or even ten years! 

These easy tips will help you get the most from your shoes:

  • Maintaining the fit: We recommend wearing only cycling socks with your riding shoes because these thin socks won't stretch the shoes, which can ruin the snug fit so important for efficient pedaling.
  • Walking: Shoes made for off-road use or touring sport lugged soles and recessed cleats that are made for easy walking. Road-specific shoes, however, are designed for optimum power transfer when pedaling. While these shoes may include heel and toe tabs for walking, it's best to walk as infrequently as possible. Walking flexes the soles and stretches the shoes. Over time, this changes the fit and the stiffness of the shoes, which decreases efficiency and comfort.
  • Moisture: Water won't hurt cycling shoes as long as you dry them properly. To do this, as soon as you get home, extract any removable liners and stuff the shoes with newspaper, which will absorb the moisture and dry the shoes. Do not place the shoes by a heat source because this can damage them. If the shoes are really wet, replace the newspaper after a few hours (the first batch is probably saturated).
  • Maintenance: While not much can go wrong with cycling shoes, we recommend checking the bolts that attach the cleats to the soles about monthly. If these loosen, the cleats can change position, which may cause knee pain. If you have a pair of shoes with buckles that ratchet, they may be attached with hardware. It's a good idea to regularly check that this hardware is tight, too.

Stay tuned to our blog for more maintenance tips, bike and bike part reviews, industry news and more!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Kiss that old bike rack goodbye. Save 20% on select Saris Racks and upgrade your rack.

Introducing the first ever, in-store only rack trade-in program: The Great Rack Upgrade 

Come in for more details!!

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Friday, February 20, 2015

2015 Liv Tempt 27.5 4 Trail Bike Review by Pedal Power, Richmond VA

Liv by Giant introduces the 2015 Tempt 27.5 4

Giant wanted to make sure that the world was clear about their effort to make women specific bicycles. One way to do this was to drop the Giant name, altogether. Thus the line of women's bikes is called Liv. A second way was to actually design these bikes from the ground up to fit women's size, strength, and body shape differences. The 2015 Tempt 27.5 4 is a perfect example of the concept fully played out.
Specs include: 

  • Lightweight and durable ALUXX-grade butted aluminum frame
  • SR Suntour XCT 100mm-travel fork with hydraulic lockout, and preload adjustment
  • Double-wall alloy rims laced to Giant Tracker Sport hubs with 14-gauge spokes
  • Shimano 3x8-speed drivetrain with Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes
By using ALUXX for the frame, Liv has been able to maximize strength while reducing weight and wind resistance. The fluid shaping of the tubes allow the engineers to make the tubes fatter and thicker where needed for strength, while making the tubes thinner and with a smaller cross section where there is no need for strength. Further shaping includes flat, round, oval, and other unique edges that give an aerodynamic advantage.

We consider the Liv Tempt to be one of Pedal Power's top ten bikes of 2015. Come in and test drive one today.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

2015 giant anthem sx 27.5 Mountain Bike Review from Pedal Power in Richmond VA


The lightweight frame and 120mm Travel Fork create amazing performance

Giant didn't create the 27.5 category, but they saw the future and have been leading the industry. Nowhere is that as noticeable as in the new Anthems. Check out these amazing specs:
  • ALUXX SL-grade aluminum frame with 4 inches of smooth Maestro suspension
  • 120mm-travel Fox Float CTD Performance fork with 15mm thru-axle
  • Fox Float CTD Performance rear shock
  • Giant P-XC2 rims, Giant Performance Tracker hubs, stainless butted spokes
  • Shimano SLX / XT 10-speed drivetrain with Shimano SLX hydraulic disc brakes
Listen to what the reviewers are saying

From the theBerm.com.au:
What is an Anthem SX?

For 2015 Giant have created two ‘trail’ versions of their Anthem XC race bike and called it the Anthem SX. For those of you unfamiliar with Giant’s Anthem, it’s a 100mm travel full-suspension XC race bike. To create the Anthem SX, Giant took a standard Anthem frame for 27.5” wheels and bolted on a 120mm fork, a remote adjustable seatpost, and a shorter stem – with brilliant results. There’s an aluminium version with a 2X (two chainrings) Shimano drivetrain and Fox suspension that retails for $2999AUD, and the version reviewed here, the $4999 Advanced version that has a 1X SRAM drivetrain and RockShox suspension.
 See his very in depth reporting on the Carbon version here. 

Why 27.5?  Giant was ahead on this. They jumped in when the realized the following:

Lighter weight

Significantly lower bike and rotational wheel weight helps you climb faster with less effort.

Overall BikeWeight

Compare the weights of identically equipped bikes with different wheel sizes and you'll see substantial weight differences. As expected, the 26-inch-wheel bike is somewhat lighter than the 27.5, and substantially lighter than the 29 (up to two pounds of overall bike weight savings from 29 to 27.5). Every gram saved helps you ride faster.

Wheel/Tire Weight

The overall weight of a 27.5 wheel set (wheel, tire and inner tube) is only 5% greater than that of an identically built 26-inch wheel set. Compare this to the 12% increase of a 29-inch wheel set and you can see how a seemingly small increase in diameter results in substantial weight gain—and poorer performance when climbing or accelerating.

Weight Comparison

Static wheel weight
Lighter wheels/tires result in a quicker acceleration and lighter overall bike weight - a win-win combination.

2. More efficient

Snappier acceleration and a reduced angle of attack for a smoother, more agile ride.


Increased wheel diameter decreases the angle of attack (the angle in which a round object intersects a square object). This is a good thing. A 29-inch wheel rolls over a 6-centimeter square-edge obstacle 14% more efficiently than a 26-inch wheel does. In comparison, a 27.5-inch wheel rolls over the same obstacle 9.8% more efficiently than a 26-inch wheel does.
Another way to analyze angle of attack is the degree of impact—where 26-inch equals X degree, 27.5 equals X-4 degrees and 29 equals X-6 degrees. Again, a shallower angle is better—so 29-inch takes the win, with 27.5 exhibiting nearly the same performance but without the weight penalty.


Arguably the most important benefit of 27.5 over 29 is quicker acceleration. This is the "snap" that a rider feels when they push hard on the pedals. It is affected not just by overall static weight but also where the weight is distributed throughout the wheel. The farther the weight is from the center of the hub, the slower the acceleration. So a similarly constructed 1000-gram 29-inch wheel is slower to accelerate than a 1000-gram 26-inch wheel—because the larger diameter rim and longer spokes place weight farther from the hub. The key to snappy acceleration is minimizing the weight of the outermost components (rim, nipples, spokes, tire, tube). As you can see, a 27.5-inch wheel is only 1.5% slower to accelerate than a similarly constructed 26-inch wheel, but a 29-inch wheel is 3.6% slower than a similarly constructed 26-inch wheel.

3. Better Control

A larger tire contact patch, increased stiffness, and optimized frame geometry improve traction, braking and handling.


The larger the diameter of a wheel, the greater the contact patch of the tire. A larger contact patch results in better traction, which leads to improved acceleration, deceleration and cornering. As you can see, a 27.5-inch wheel has a similar contact patch to the 29.

Frame Stiffness

Lateral (side-to-side) frame stiffness can be affected by wheel size. To accommodate larger wheels, frame dimensions must be elongated. Therefore, a size medium 29-inch wheel frame has more lateral flex (bottom bracket and headtube) than a size medium 27.5 or 26-inch wheel frameset. Additional flex compromises handling under heavy pedaling or sharp cornering.

Frame Geometry

The larger the wheel, the more difficult it is to optimize geometry, especially on smaller frames. As the frame size decreases, headtube heights become higher (in relation to saddle height). On 26 or 27.5-inch frames, it's less of a problem, but geometry limitations can affect smaller 29-inch-wheel frames.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2015 Giant Trance 27.5 2 Mountain Bike Review from Pedal Power in Richmond VA

Giant Jumped on the 27.5 Wheel Size and Leads the Industry in the Category

As has been true since the introduction of Mountain Bikes in the Hills of Northern California, the serious riders have discovered the best ideas out on the mountain trails. The 26.5 wheel size is no different. 29er's are super effective at handling anything the trail can throw at you, but they are a bit heavy and clunky, and smaller riders are over matched by the bikes pure size. 

On the other hand, the super light and nimble 26" wheel size that dominated the mountain bike business for the first two decades are seen by many as not offering enough control. Solution seems simple enough. Split the baby. The 27.5" concept has provided a bike any rider can fit, increased the grip compared to 26" and dropped weight compared to 29's.

Check out the critical features:
  • ALUXX SL-grade aluminum frame with 5.5 inches of smooth Maestro suspension
  • Fox Float CTD Evolution 140mm-travel fork with 15mm thru-axle
  • Fox CTD Evolution rear shock
  • Giant S-XC2 rims, Giant Tracker Sport hubs, stainless spokes
  • Shimano Deore / SLX 10-speed drivetrain with Shimano M615 hydraulic disc brakes

Here is how Togoparts.com described their experience with the new 2015 Giant Trance 27.5 2:

The all-new 2015 Giant Trance 27.5 2 was designed to cover the vast majority of the different types of off road terrain that one can practically find, with its full suspension and lightweight ALUXX SL aluminium alloy frame that features 140mm of travel at the rear with a similarly matched 140mm travel Fox 32 Float CTD Evolution fork for the front, this aggressive bike can handle almost anything that a regular MTB rider is willing to ride on, with the exception of trails with huge death defying drops which are anyway out of most rider's capability and daringness as well.

Giant's Maestro Suspension Technology is what sets it apart from the other designs of rear suspensions in the market, it's an active and adaptable system that offers pedalling efficiency whether you are climbing up slopes or speeding along single tracks, complete suspension activity that absorbs all trail impacts and total braking independence in which the Maestro Suspension remains fully active and reactive, even under full braking forces.

You also have to love the internal routing of all cables. The clean look of this bike is a pleasure to the eye. Shimon SLX derailleurs, featuring Shadow+, are a perfect fit to this mountain bike.

While those with an extra thousand dollars are so may want to move up to the carbon version of this bike, the Trance Advanced, Giant's ALUXX SL aluminum frame is so well designed that only the most sophisticated rider will notice any difference. By using fluid shape forming technology, the ALUXX frames give you stiffness where you need it, aerodynamics whenever and wherever possible, and a fantastic weight advantage compared to traditional aluminum frame.

This is considered as one of the top 10 bikes we offer in 2015. Come by Pedal Power and test drive the amazing new 2015 Giant Trance 27.5 2 Mountain Bike, and see if this might be the perfect bike for you to test your skills on our local paths.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2015 Giant Sedona DX Comfort Bike for Road or Trail from Pedal Power, Richmond VA

Just jump on and ride for fitness, fun, and family outings

There are plenty of bikes from Giant and Liv that are uniquely created for a very specialized ride. Some are great for downhill mountain biking.  Some are for cross country riding on off road paths. Some are designed to take professional racers to the podium in road racing, cyclocross, or BMX competitions.

The 2015 Giant Sedona is built for your comfort. With upright handlebars, a super comfortable suspension seat post and big fat seat, and front shocks, Sedona almost floats along streats, boardwalks, strands, and trails.

The women's specific version offers a full step-through frame. Both versions of the 2015 Giant Sedona DX come with 24 speeds to take you up or down any hill with ease. The trigger shift on the women's bike is designed to take all the confusion out of gear selection. The men's bike offers a grip shifter.

  • Lightweight and durable ALUXX-grade butted aluminum frame
  • Front suspension for comfort and control
  • Suspension seatpost for added comfort
  • Upright position for "heads-up" riding
  • 3x8-speed trigger-shift drivetrain. Grip shift on the men's

But maybe the biggest deal on this bike is the frame material. Giant is now using ALUXX butted aluminum frames. Bikes in this range are generally made from steal or from less sophisticated aluminum tubing. The ALUXX provides the maximum strength at the lowest weight.

Drop by Pedal Power in Richmond, VA anytime and take one of these smooth machines out on a test ride. We've heard plenty of stories from folks who have lost some serious weight using these bikes. They make working out a pleasant experience. 

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Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 Giant Escape 3 City Bike Review by Pedal Power in RIchmond VA


What exactly is a city bike, and why might you want one.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you undoubtedly know that in many Asian and European countries, bicycles are seen as much more utility vehicles than for sport or socializing. In fact, so much so that you might see almost anything being hauled by a bike.

Now the US seems to be bent on catching up, or at least somewhat. And for several years the bicycle industry has been offering new versions called city bikes, urban bikes, or utility style cruisers.

Giant, and their women specific division Liv, have certainly been up to the challenge. One of the bikes that has seen excellent reviews and sales is the Giant Escape. The 2015 model was a major change year, and the changes seem to be winning even more favor for this line.

Part of the big change is in Giant's ability to form aluminum tubing in almost any shape imaginable. The shape can be flat, oval, flat on one side and round on the other, triangular, etc. And the shape, thickness, and cross section can change inch by inch along the length of any tube. This means that more material can be added where structural support is needed, and material taken away to save weight when structural support is not as necessary. The same thing is true for aerodynamics. Sometime you need flat, sometimes round to get the best results.

Because it is now easy to do, these moderately priced bikes can now offer internal routing of the gear and brake cables. This is great for reducing drag, and looks cosmetically better.

Here is some nice coverage of the bike from a self-described amateur who road the bike 1000 miles and gave updates along the way.

Now the Giant Escape 3, which is the entry level bike for this category is not technically called a city bike by Giant. The city bike has upgraded drive train and front forks, plus alloy trekking rack, fenders, kickstand, and an integrated bell. But the idea is still the same. You are getting a fantastic aluminum framed road bike that will work perfectly for daily use, commuting, or just going out riding with friends. 

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